Case: BowlnBool

Objective: Increase awareness of client’s upcoming event, and maintain momentum of social engagement in the weeks post-event

In the lead up to ‘Bowlnbool’s end of year party, it was imperative that we expand their reach and grow their engagement, in the interest of converting impressions to ticket purchases. Their social media channels were the focal point for event marketing, so we defined objectives and established KPIs to execute a holistic social media campaign.

The campaign employed marketing methods including; organic content across TikTok and Instagram, UGC, Influencer marketing and paid media.

With the success of the event, and growing engagement across multiple platforms post-event, we continue to manage Bowlnbool’s social media all season, and leverage data insights and audience behaviour trends to employ a more informed campaign for the next event.


Unique impressions

Across owned and paid media


Account engagement

Across campaign duration, compared to previous 2 months


Sold out event

Case: Smithonomics

Objective: Launch Smithonomics on TikTok and build a follower base of economic students

‘Smithonomics’ private tutoring set us with the challenge of launching the brand on Tiktok and establishing brand presence within the teacher/student TikTok community.

Ahead of Launch, we defined our social media strategy, content plan, end of year and first months Objectives + KPIs. By Launch, we were equipped to with a solid plan to effectively launch the brand on TikTok

The first two months on the platform saw significant growth for Smithonomics, gaining over 400 new followers, and 5% engagement achieved month-on-month.

Most importantly, we have seen the positive impact Smithonomics is having within the community of economic students on TikTok, receiving strong engagement and positive feedback from our audience, with new students generated from TikTok joining Smithonomics tutoring.


Post views

up +283% from previous month


Unique viewers

up +169.7% from previous month


Follower growth